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Welcome to PhoneGap Tips, the community dedicated to gathering and publishing the techniques that help you produce jaw-dropping mobile applications with PhoneGap.

Here you will find deep and comprehensive coverage of everything you, as a PhoneGap developer, need to know to build the highest-quality PhoneGap applications.

About the author

I am Mike Dellanoce and I write software for a living. For the past 5+ years I have built web applications at various companies.

At my last job, I needed to release an iPad application to the iOS App Store on a tight schedule. Given my background with web applications, I decided to take a crack at building a PhoneGap application. Through the course of that project I learned a lot about how to make PhoneGap applications look and feel like native applications. I wrote up a short article about some of the lessons I learned and I was completely shocked by the positive response to the article.

I did some more research, and I found many other posts just like the one I wrote. I also found many sites dedicated to mobile web development, but I had trouble finding a single site listing all the techniques a PhoneGap developer must know to build the best possible PhoneGap applications. So I started writing them all down here!

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